Mould making is an art. From spruing position to the way a mould is cut to obtain the cleanest wax model, all depends on the experience of the mould cutter. At Stanley, we can proudly express our mould making experience and provide you with over 20 years mould cutting experience. We can tailor pieces to make moulds to all shape and sizes. 

Once the mould is made it will be returned to you, and will be used for the purpose of casting and reproducing for you only. 

We provide two types of mould services:

  • Liquid Cold Mould

      (Pros: Good for heat sensitive model, zero shrinkage)

      (Cons: Low Shelf life)

  • Vulcanised Rubber Mould

      (Pros: Long shelf life)

      (Cons: Shrinkage, roughly 5%)



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