Stanley started out his career as a jewellery caster. Even though we have evolved into other related jewellery products and services, we have not forgotten our core strength in the jewellery industry, and that is casting.

With an objective to achieve flawless surface finish on gold and platinum without compromise wearability of precious metal, we have harnessed in-house  alloy formulation to meet both criteria. From the exception whiteness of 18K white gold to the strength and hardness of platinum alloy, we are proud of our continuous R&D to bring the best casting product to you. 

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We provide casting in:

  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • 925 Tarnish Resistent Silver

  • 9K Premium White Gold (7.5% Palladium Based)

  • 9K Yellow / Rose Gold

  • 18K Premium White Gold (13.5% Palladium Based)

  • 18K Yellow / Rose Gold

  • Pt950



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